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iOS & Android apps, Web, Growth, Broadband, TV bundles & campaigns.


Adoption of brand identity

Build a growth team

Reach a new customer segment

Improve native apps experience

Launch new broadband service

Halebop is a sub-brand of Telia, Sweden's biggest Telecom with a large network of websites, apps, and services. 

With their quirky design and inclusive culture, they are praised by users and have won the customer satisfaction award from the Swedish Quality Index (SKI) 12 years out of 14. 


I started working with Halebop whilst I was living in Helsinki for a two-week project in December in Stockholm. This turned into a 3-year fun journey on various projects, diverse teams, and transformation. The first design challenge was to adopt the new Halebop brand and visual identity and to re-design the Locall app to drive growth.

The goal of the app was to reach a new customer segment of 1.7 million potential customers. The Locall app makes it easy for people in Sweden to call worldwide to their families for very low rates. Often in countries where wifi infrastructure is still in development. The nugget of the app is that the receiver doesn't need either the app or the internet to receive calls. 

The second challenge was to build a growth team and shake up how things were done inside the organization. 

Furthermore, other design challenges included improving the user experience of the website and the iOS and Android apps.


Over time, Halebop built out its services and in 2019 it launched in the competitive broadband market with a new offering.

The Process

We were a small and dedicated growth team working in a lean and agile way setting up metrics, data and questioning everything. We tracked quantitative and qualitative data, built new funnels of information tracking back to the customer service team. Designers, growth hackers, developers, and business owners worked in a closed loop in weekly sprints.   

We found creative ways how to improve the app and gained new customers. I went to malls with interactive design prototypes and interviewed people on the go and had them test out new functionalities to then directly feedback to the team to do the necessary changes, all within days. We submitted about two requests a month to the App store and changed little and often driving results. Week by week, month by month the app grew and reached immaculate success. 

We worked with continuous improvements of bundles, design, look and feel, and language. The design also had to take into consideration several languages written from right to left.

I was responsible for the design of all interfaces of the brand. 


The app grew month by month with both the number of users and the average return per user. The app soon made more than SEK 3 M in turnover per month. 

Halebop Locall became a new standard for Halebop and Telia in how to run lean growth teams with data-driven design. This further spread into other verticals of the organization in other teams and products.

Halebop launched a broadband offering nationwide in Sweden which we iterated further. I helped the Locall team to be more involved in the design process and find novel ideas for reaching new loyal customers. 

+ 48% revenue growth per month

+ 41% user-based growth per month

+ 71% lower acquisition cost 

+ 47% increase in conversion rate

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