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Happy Socks

UX Design, Growth, Store Redesign


Build a growth team

Introduce Data-Driven Design

UX Store Redesign

Conversion Optimization

Happy Socks is a Swedish retail brand present in 90 countries, with 10,000 fashion apparel boutiques, and 21 international online stores.

Founded in 2008, its vision is to bring happiness and color to every corner of the world – inspiring authentic self-expression through color, creativity, and fun. Life can never be too colorful, and true happiness stems from the freedom to be yourself. 


Happy Socks wanted to integrate growth and design-driven design in-house to optimize how things were done and to get better results.

The goal was to approach the workflow in a different way with faster iterations, A/B testing capabilities, and a way of working that enabled continuous learning and experimentation to drive more conversion and happy customers. 


I helped set up a digital growth team with key competencies in UX design, data analysis, eCommerce, product development, and digital marketing. I worked closely and directly with the Product Manager, we met daily on how we could make things better and the best ways to move forward.

We analyzed the website data, set up metrics and A/B testing, and identified main bottlenecks. We iterated and prioritized designs on a weekly basis where to improve the customer experience. Multiple tests were run and we used data-driven results to make decisions.

My role was to consult and guide the client to set up this new way of working with all involved parties and also to craft and execute the designs, as well as work closely with the engineers for smooth implementation. One of the key factors in a growth team is that it is small but all the members of the team have the mandate and decision power to execute changes. 


Happy Socks established a new way of working with strategic design taking into consideration business objectives and goals, usability, accessibility, UX copywriting, conversion optimization, data, and technology. 


The mission resulted in several new hires within Digital Marketing and crafted a new baseline of how design and business were run together. At the beginning of Covid, we launched face-masks which sold out in 4 days.


We launched a new quick view of a product page which resulted in a 15% increase in conversion in Germany and 33% in the US over a 3 months period. 


The company saw overall exponential conversion growth and a change of culture for a more lean and design-driven approach across teams. 


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