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Brand Identity 

I’m a Swedish UX and Brand Identity Designer based in the Garden Route South Africa.
Currently working with Sting Stockholm. Previously worked with Happy Socks, Halebop, Harley Davidson, Jamie Oliver, and Paul Smith.
I specialize in International eCommerce and help clients worldwide to uplevel their digital experiences and conversion rates through beautiful designs and strategies.

eCommerce Projects

I've been working in the creative industry since 2012. Whether you are looking to give your brand a revamp, optimize your eCommerce store or simply want creative advice on how to bring your business to the next level in 2022, I'm your person.
My passion lies in human-centered design, growth, and storytelling and I thrive to help companies and entrepreneurs to the next level.

Various Projects



Lauri Eloranta, Partner at Columbia Road, Futurice, Vuono Group

"Jalita is a really talented and hard-working visual, concept, brand, and UX designer, who has experience in a wide variety of projects from different business domains. Jalita has been working a lot with digital services and as part of a software development team, and her strongest skill set is combining her visual and branding skills with the digital world. It’s always a pleasure to work with Jalita, as she is super positive as well as professional and she gets things done, and most importantly, she gets along with everyone."


Viktor Svanström, Head of New Growth Dustin Group

"Jalita was a part of the team which built up Halebop broadband, taking it from idea to a product on the market. In this team, Jalita was responsible for all customer-facing designs on the web, logged-in pages, and applications. Her work was always completed with both speed and quality. Furthermore, Jalita demonstrated great project management skills which enabled her to guide and lead the work of the developers. As the leader of Halebop broadband, I always felt confident in Jalitas performance and I can warmly recommend her for any design or project management related assignments."